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Custom Cable Assemblies

We build every cable assembly project with precision, urgency and quality. From prototyping to large scale production.

Cable Assembly Components

    • D-Sub

    • Circular Connectors

    • Mil-Spec

    • Ribbon cable connectors (IDC)

    • Deutsch

    • Transportation

    • TE CPC

    • TE Universal Mate-N-Lok

    • TE MTA

    • Molex C-Grid

    • Molex KK

    • Molex PicoBlade

    • Molex Micro-Fit

    • Molex MicroClasp

    • Molex PicoBlade

    • Molex Mini-Fit Jr.

    • JST XH

    • JST PH

    • Hirose DF11

    • And Many More

With over 20 years experience, Multi-Tek has an expert staff ready to build simple to very complex cable assemblies. Our engineers can provide cost saving measures and build your wire harnesses exactly to your specification on your timeframe and budget. We take pride in providing outstanding communication, quality and value.

Our automated equipment is industry leading so every cut, strip and crimp is accurate and we test every single wire harness for 100% functionality. Our proprietary software, Cable Tracker, provides an unparalleled manufacturing process. Your drawing is version controlled so that every team member has access to only the latest revision as well as detailed documentation on the manufacturing process.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace

  • Commercial

  • Communication

  • Electronics

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

I just received & inspected the first batch of cables & just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with build quality. You guys are supplying world class value.

- Kelly