Custom Wire Harnesses

With over 20 years of experience, we know that building wire harnesses to spec and on time are critical to the success of your project. We meet our customer’s expectations and due dates every project, every time.

Wire Harness Components

    • D-Sub

    • Circular Connectors

    • Mil-Spec

    • Ribbon cable connectors (IDC)

    • Deutsch

    • TE CPC

    • TE Universal Mate-N-Lok

    • TE MTA

    • Molex C-Grid

    • Molex KK

    • Molex PicoBlade

    • Molex Micro-Fit

    • Molex MicroClasp

    • Molex PicoBlade

    • Molex Mini-Fit Jr.

    • JST XH

    • JST PH

    • Hirose DF11

    • And Much More

We understand that yesterday is generally the preferred timeframe for getting your custom wire harness project quoted, prototyped and produced. We can’t turn back time but we can meet your deadlines.

Cable Tracker, our proprietary software, will give you an unparalleled advantage, providing transparency and version controlled accuracy throughout the production of your project. No stalling or stonewalling. When you reach out, we provide real-time reports on your project.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace

  • Commercial

  • Communication

  • Electronics

  • Industrial

  • Transportation

Thanks for the fine harnesses; Multi-Tek has never failed to make my connection.

- Dusty